How To's

Coupon success boils down to three things that are very simple to follow 

Organization, Usage & Timing

You’ve got to be organized. Check out We Use Coupons for organizational strategies. I have 2 binders I use, but another method may work better for you.

You’ve got to learn to use coupons. Quantity does count. If you only clip out one coupon, what’s the use? I buy ten papers every Sunday. In order to save a lot with coupons, you’ve got to use a lot of coupons.

So now that you've got your coupons, and have organized... the last step is the most important: timing. Don’t just go to the store and use your coupons…..wait! Wait until the item goes on sale. Often with the additional coupon savings you will get items for nearly free.

Simple Tips

Plan: Plan your shopping trip, a few minutes could save you big $$$.
Compare Prices: Check out prices at various stores located near you.
Avoid: Impulse buys. Having a list will curb most, be strong!!!
Know: Print & carry store coupon policies with you 

Here's one that many people don't realize. When printing coupons from the Internet, use only black ink. Color ink tends to cost more, so save it for the important stuff! 

Finding Coupons
Sunday Paper
Clipping Services
Coupon Trains
Dumpster Diving

 Coupon Lingo
Q: Coupon
IP: Internet printable
OOP: Out of pocket
MQ: Manufacturers coupon
CQ: Competitor coupon
B1G1/ BOGO: Buy one item, get one 
WYB: When you buy
MIR: Mail in rebate
FAR: Free after rebate 
YMMV: Your mileage may vary. Means all stores may not accept or participate.
EXP: Expiration date
C/O: Cents off
CRT: Cash register receipt
RC: Rain check
UPC: Universal product code/ bar code
LOD: Land of double, this term is used in area where coupons are doubled 
LOND: Land of no double, used in areas that do not double coupons
RR: Register reward (Walgreens) these print out on special buys
IVC: Instant value coupon
ECB: Extra care bucks (CVS) these print out on special buys
Stack:  Using two coupons together for one item (such as a  MQ with a store coupon).
SS: Smart Source
RP: Red Plum
PG: Procter & Gamble
GM: General Mills
KG: Kellogg
Catalina: coupons for money off your next purchase that print when your receipt prints at the register.
Peelies: Coupons stuck on products (they peel off).
Blinkies: Coupon machines found in stores that spit out coupons automatically.
Hangtags: Coupons on a tag that is hanging from a product.
Tearpads: Tearpad coupons hang on shelves near a product and "tear off".
Limit X Per Purchase: Every item you buy is a "purchase". If a coupon states "Limit one per purchase", you can buy as many as you like in one shopping order using your coupons.
Limit X Per Transaction: All your items combined in a shopping order are a transaction. If a coupon states "Limit 4 per transaction", you may only buy 4 of that particular item at one time using coupons.